Post Hospital Rehabilitation and Care

For guests recovering from a illness, injury or surgery, Paradigm Healthcare offers short term, post hospital rehabilitation and care. As a Skilled Nursing Facility, we are able to provide dedicated clinical programming tailored to each of our guests individual needs based on their condition. With physical, occupational and speech therapies available up to 7 days per week, we strive to rehabilitate our guests to their optimal level of functioning and get them home as soon as possible. 

Our dedicated clinical programs include: 

  • Cardiac Care and Recovery 

  • Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Post Surgical Care and Recovery 

  • Wound Care and Infectious Disease Management

  • Pulmonary Care and Recovery 

Long Term Care and Memory Care Services

In addition to our short term, post hospital rehabilitation guests, Paradigm Healthcare also provides long term care and memory care for those who require 24/7 nursing care and service. Our compassionate, kind and educated staff will provide excellent care to your loved one.